Businesses all over the world are jumping on the Cloud computing band wagon, and XpressHost has been in the Cloud Computing and Colocation Hosting business for 10 years. We have established a track record of designing, supporting and managing clients that want to take advantage of Cloud Computing and Colocation.

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A Hybrid Cloud Environment is where some of your Applications, Servers, and Network resources and infrastructure are housed, maintained and supported in the XpressHost data center while the remaining servers and infrastructure remain at your office locations.

Full Colocation & Hosting

If you desire to completely relocate your Applications, Servers, Data, and other network resources in total, than XpressHost can design and implement that Cloud based infrastructure, by providing the required server resources, support and management of your total environment.

Simple Hosting

XpressHost does basic hosting of servers and applications such as Website hosting, Application Hosting and Data Replication and Storage. So if you have a need for redundant servers, hosted email, or any mission critical application XpressHost can provide you the resources you need.

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